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6 Tips on how to be Conscious Consumer this Black Friday.

Black Friday is upon us and although once an American tradition retailers the globe have adopted this 4 day frenzy stretching out to cyber Monday. A weekend where shoppers over-consume fast-fashion and retailers clear out stock— it's our planet ultimately pays the price.

For this reason as a brand Bam Loves Boo are not participating. However as a consumer we know how much everyone loves a sale so thought we out together this simple guide to a more conscious and sustainable way to navigate this sales...

Reborn babies: An open and honest interview - with @chasingvelzy

When I first came across the @chasingvelsy account ill be honest I had to do a double take - the world of reborn dolls was a new concept to me and was certainly something I knew nothing about. But something drew me in that day, maybe it was the style and photography, maybe it was the aesthetics of a beautifully  curated feed or maybe we were just meant to connect. So I clicked "follow back" and soon went down the rabbit hole of reborn babies and this beautiful soul behind the account. Just from this instagram account...

Why Bamboo?

Why Bamboo?

Beyond the aesthetics of the gorgeous unisex palm print in sage and cream tones and the soft texture of the materials, our Palm Hooded Baby Towel is also a great, functional towel. Bamboo and Turkish cotton are expert materials at pulling moisture away from the body creating a highly absorbent bath towel. There is nothing worse than skin not being dry after wrapping yourself in a towel! Absorbency is also really important for skin health as keeping skin dry and soft prevents drying, irritations and bacteria forming. It is a win win for everyone!

Dolls house

Dolls house

"I am over my anxiety of pieces moved around and I am at peace with the toilet on top of the fridge or the occasional couch in the bathroom as I can see how much joy and creativity it brings her."



Earthside Collection

Earthside Collection

Introducing our second Annual collection; "Earthside"

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