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Meet Rhea and Chris a Gold Coast family traveling Bali with their Mini Muse Sol

Meet Rhea and Chris - A gold coast family travelling Bali with their Mini Muse Sol

Travelling family with toddler in Bali on film

Whilst travelling around Bali we were thankful to connect with the beautiful traveling family the @solseekers. Meet Rhea, Chris and Sol, a Gold Coast family doing their thing in Bali. Creatives with photography skills, style, love for nature and of course an adorable son they made the perfect dream team to capture the glory of our new Mango Mini Muse top – a top sustainably dyed with plants here on the island. 

We did a fun little interview to share with you their experiences as a mother/musician and photographer embracing life on the road. Let's dive right in! 


Travelling family experience in Bali with Toddler

Q: Thank you so much for agreeing to this little interview with us, would you like to introduce yourself and your family.

We are The Cielo Family, Rhea, Chris and Sol! We both have worked in Entertainment careers, Rhea predominantly as a professional singer/ songwriter and Chris as a professional dancer.  Alongside these careers, we also offer other services that extend from our passions. Rhea is also a Yoga teacher and a Birth Doula, Chris is also an incredible photographer.  Outside of what we do, we are a fun loving family that choose joy and connection as our purpose and gift in life!  


Q: After connecting I went down the rabbit hole of you Instagram accounts @solseekers and @rhearobertsonmusic in awe of the counties you have travelled just as a family with Sol alone. Can you tell us where you have been and how you like to travel. 

Chris and I have always travelled extensively both alone and together, so it made sense for us to continue travelling once we had Sol.  We packed up our life at home and decided to explore South East Asia in 2023.  We started in Vietnam, then to Thailand, Malaysia and currently we are in Bali.  For us travelling slowly and intentionally, staying in places for extended periods has been such a great way to experince this adventure.  We find this allows us to get in a great flow with local community, culture and makes for a more easeful style of travelling.   

Q: Travelling looks different for everyone can you explain how do you like to travel? 

We try to find accommodation that offers discounts for longer stays. Staying for a month we can often get a reasonable price within our budget.  We especially look for places that also have a kitchen available, this makes it easy to make breakfast at home each day as well as an easy array of healthy snacks for our toddler.  We have used air bnb, agoda and mostly, however a few places we have scored through either contacting throughs whatsapp or asking around with locals.  It’s a good idea to keep high or low seasons in mind as this changes prices and availability drastically! 


Q: Bali is known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. Can you share some of your favourite photography spots and memorable moments you've captured during your trip?

We have loved our time here in Bali, the stand out in particular for us has been Ubud.  With its unique architecture, vibrant rice fields, jungles and waterfalls, so many kid friendly spaces and a beautiful, friendly communities.  We found this region is still so in touch with authentic Balinese culture.  The ceremonies, food, people and landscapes truly made us feel immersed.  We learnt so much and made so many wonderful connections with the people who live there.  The bright green rice fields were so beautiful to capture, particularly during sunset!  We also loved finding waterfalls that were not as popular, you can search “waterfalls” on google maps, select one and ty to visit in the morning and you can have these jungle havens all to yourself! 


Mother and son travelling Bali as young family

Q: Bali offers a wide range of activities. Could you recommend any family-friendly attractions or activities that you found particularly enjoyable during your stay?  

Bali is such a family friendly place- the locals are so kind and helpful wherever you go.  I think it comes down to the way they live with their families, so connected and prioritising everyone helping each other.  They truly embody the “village” we all often yearn for as young families.  This beautiful energy means everywhere you visit, beautiful Balinese will offer to help, always greeting you with joy and a welcoming attitude.  Children are welcome everywhere!  It’s incredible to visit delicious cafes and restaurants that have great play areas for children in every place you visit! 


Q: From our own travel experience with children here in Bali its not easy to travel light, are you light travellers? Do you have some must have items?   

We have travelled with 2 checked bags and 2 hand luggage bags for all our flights.   About 48kg total.  Since Sol turned 2, we have to pay for his own tickets, so our luggage may expand to an extra bag for a bit more ease of packing.  Packing and transit days are never particularly easy, with long customs line, travel delays, airport transfers, taxis etc...this is one of the big reasons we have found staying longer in each place is much better for our family!  We always remind ourselves that the travel days are just 1 day, we will make sure to have a big rest day the following day to unwind and reset.  For must have items ou number 1 has been our chekoh baby carrier. Not everywhere is pram friendly, so if you have a baby or little toddle who still naps during the day, a carrier is a lifesaver for naps on the go! Othe items that have been helpful ae travel adaptors, portable battery charge, probiotics, activated charcoal, waterproof satchels (for important items when travelling by boat or in heavy rains). For our next travels, we will be adding a shower filter (to combat the harsh water which hasn’t been great on our hair!). 


When packing clothes for Sol what kind of pieces do you reach for? 

Breathable, natural fibres are always my priority when getting clothes for Sol.  It can get so hot and muggy in Asia, so we love clothing made of bamboo, cotton or hemp! He loves to dress himself up, so have a versatile selection of comfy clothes for him to mix and match is ideal.  I bought my own stain remover stick from home on our travels which has been so helpful to keep things clean as we go. 


Solseeker Blog on travelling family in Bali 

Q: You mentioned you are going be to Palm beach later this month is this a permanent home for you? Will this be base for a while? 

As professional entertainers, Summer in Australia is when we get most of our work.  So we are heading home for a few months of gigs, doing some exciting brand shoots and seeing all our beautiful family and friends who we’ve been missing!  We are looking forward to all the festivities and enjoying the Palm Beach Paradise that we are so lucky to call home. 


 Q: Do you have anymore travel plans set for the near future? 

We have already booked our one way ticket for our next adventure in 2024! Another 6-8 months of seeing more of the world and enjoying our time together as a family. 

Q: Finally, as a mother, what life lessons or values do you hope your mini muse Sol will take away from his travel experiences? 

The greatest gift on this journey has been watching Sol connect with people and places.  His ability to communicate and play regardless of language, seeing his joy to experience all the magnificent nature around him and his incredible ability to adapt and feel confident wherever he is.  I always hope he carries this curiosity for life, his love for adventure, his kind and loving nature and a feeling of Home wherever he is in the world. 

Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us. Your journey as a creative musician/photographer and mother in Bali is truly inspiring.  


If you would like follow this families adventures hit their accounts below to connect. 

@solseekers @rhearobertsonmusic @chriscielo 


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