Bamboo Turkish Cotton Towels - How are they so soft?

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We all love the feeling of beautiful, soft materials on our skin. Not only does it feel fantastic, but quality materials are known to also be gentle on our skin and help to look after it for the long-term. When it comes to the little people in our lives this is even more important! 

Our clothing range is known for its buttery soft blend of Bamboo and organic cotton. So when we collaborated with the best in the towel biz Sunday Minx on our new Palm Baby Hooded Bath Towel  we just knew it had to be Bamboo! Combining the powerful properties of Bamboo and Turkish Cotton has resulted in the softest and cuddliest baby clothes and towel you could dream of ... whilst also being incredibly gentle on baby skin.

Allow us to tell you more about these materials and why bamboo, in particular, is a dream fabric for kids.

Bamboo fabric of the highest quality (hint hint - this is what we use) is absorbent, breathable and the least abrasive fabric on delicate skin. The fibres within bamboo fabric are round and naturally smooth with no sharp spurs which will irritate sensitive skin, making it perfect for babies with eczema, anyone who may suffer allergic reactions to other types of fabrics or those who just want to take extra care of newborn skin. Who wouldn't want to keep that perfect, silky smooth skin protected?!


Bamboo and Turkish Cotton Towels:

The structure of the fibres is also why bamboo fabric feels so soft. When combined with Turkish cotton, also known for it's long fibres creating incredible softness, absorbency and durability, we have created a match made in heaven!
Honestly - it is hard to capture the softness of these towels in a photograph, but hand on heart, you will melt when you feel the buttery softness of these beauties! Think of soft, little bunnies ... and this towel is softer again!



Beyond the aesthetics of the gorgeous unisex palm print in sage and cream tones and the soft texture of the materials, our Palm Hooded Baby Towel is also a great, functional towel. Bamboo and Turkish cotton are expert materials at pulling moisture away from the body creating a highly absorbent bath towel. There is nothing worse than skin not being dry after wrapping yourself in a towel! Absorbency is also really important for skin health as keeping skin dry and soft prevents drying, irritations and bacteria forming. It is a win win for everyone!

Much love, care and thought has been poured into the creation of this beautiful baby bath towel and we are delighted to share with you the final product. Selecting materials that not only feel good but are gentle on skin was really important to us and we know you will enjoy every bath time with your little one knowing you have the peace of mind that this towel will keep their skin in top condition.


PS. If you have now fallen in love with these towel, make sure you check out Sunday Minx other towels - Their other baby towel and gyspy adult Towels are all kinds of amazing!

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