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When I started bam loves Boo I always had the intention to make it as sustainable and as kind on the environment as I could. Whilst on this crazy journey my passion to create an ethical brand grew even stronger and kind of addictive as was constantly looking for ways to make my clothing with as little impact the environment as possible. Sure it would have been sooo much easy and cheaper to except what was offered to me, but wheres the fun in that? Instead I wanted to challenge every aspect from fabrics, packaging, labels and even the inks used. 

Below is a breakdown of how we are sustainable. Its not to blow our own trumpet, instead help to explain what you are getting when they buy from us and more importantly what you are giving back the the environment with your shopping choices. (Plus it explains why  we can't sell our pieces for the same price as a Big Mac).......

Sustainable Fashion:

Bam Loves Boo's clothing is certified 100% Organic. Therefore free from nasty chemicals. That means when the cotton plant is grown no herbacides and persticides are used resulting in less toxic pollution to the farmers and surrounding communities and just as important not on your babies delicate skin either.

Our fabric is blended from Bamboo and GOTS certified Cotton. Bamboo is an amazing natural resource as its the fastest growing plant and doesn't require chemicals to grow or replenish itself. (There are sooo many benefits to bamboo that ill save for another day as I can go on and on!) We then blend with GOTS Certified Organic cotton as they have the strictest guidelines and globally recognised as the worlds leading organic textiles standard. 

The fabric is then dyed using eco friendly dyes meaning it's free from nasties and dosent produce chemicals that pollute the environment. Bam Loves Boo's garments are then screen printed by hand using non toxic, chemical free water based inks.

We have used Recycled materials where we can in our swing tags and marketing materials and although in the grand scheme of things these are small and we are small we still strive to be as sustainable as we can be. 


Slow Fashion: 

When you purchase Bam Loves you are buying clothing made of durable fabrics that are gender neutral, designed to be passed down to siblings and friends for years to come. We have designed key versatile pieces built to stand the test of time not just in quality but in design too.

We also mean Slow in the other sense too, our garments are not mass produced at the speed of light without care. To start with they are designed by me which is a s-l-o-w process to begin with then they are made by hand, printed by hand and checked carefully with love.


Ethically made:

We have ensured that all workers involved in our products are fairly treated and fairly paid. With absolutely no sign or history of sweatshops, child labour or worker abuse. The working environment in which our goods are made is very important to us, and we pride ourselves on having a strong caring relationship with our makers and treat them with the respect and kindness they deserve after all they are part of the Bam Loves Boo family.


We are all about making beautiful clothing that you love, for the little people you love, in a eco-friendly and socially responsible way. 






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