transparency report

Bam Loves Boo only uses ethically sourced and
certified organic grown bamboo and organic cotton in our fabric blend resulting in beautifully soft, comfortable pieces that are as gentle on the environment as they are on your mini muse.


The terms Ethical, Sustainable, Natural, and Organic are often used without the consumer having a complete understanding of their implications resulting in deceptive marketing tactics and confusion. We are proud to be transparent with you and provide our customers with honest information on our current progress and future potential.

Through this section we offer transparency so you as the consumer are aware of how our pieces are made, who they are made by and what they are made from.

we are forever challenging ourselves to do better -we therefore aspire to continually update this page as we evolve and grow as an eco-conscious brand.


We use Organic Cotton blended with Bamboo certified by OEKO-TEX Better for the farmer, our makers, environment and your mini muse.

closed loop

Ensuring all solvents and liquids are either recycled or safely removed so that nothing makes it's way into the waterways or environment.

our signature fabric

Bam Loves Boo only uses ethically sourced and
certified organic grown bamboo and organic cotton in our fabric blend.

Our fabric is made from the Bamboo plant, an amazing natural resource that regenerates quickly, needs very little water and no chemical fertiliser or pesticides.

One of the biggest reasons bamboo is good for the environment is that it absorbs carbon dioxide.

Bamboo regenerates quickly and when it’s harvested it regrows from it’s own root system, meaning it doesn’t need to be planted again. 

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we only use non-toxic inks and chemical free dyes that are as gentle on the skin as they are the environment.


Certified that every component of the product, from the fabric, thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested for up to 350 toxic chemicals.


eco-friendly inks & dyes

You can be rest assured there are NO traces of chemicals or harmful toxins left in our baby wear. This is verified and certified by a third party company called OKEO-TEX 100.

Only eco-friendly dyes are used and screen printing is by hand using non-toxic, chemical free, water based inks.


Our unique business model ensures that our styles roll over from year to year encouraging a slower, more mindful approach to shopping.

quality made

Our aim is to create garments of the highest quality to be worn and passed down many times over, helping us become as circular as possible.

it's not what we do

It's the WAY we do it

Collections designed, made and shipped once a year - reduces waste, shipping admissions and rejects the industry need for new collections each season.

No end of season sales - ditching the mentality of "out with the old, in with the new"

All gender neutral designs - means pieces can be passed down regardless of gender. Eliminates the need to produce 2 separate lines for boys and girls.

Quality made - designed and made to last for the purpose to be reloved over and over again.

Timeless designs and prints - Not following trends means our pieces will be loved forever.


zero waste packaging

We are committed to striving for sustainability by tackling waste in all areas of our supply chain. This goes beyond simply using compostable bags for our clothing orders.

We bulk pack our orders, meaning we can fit 30+ pieces in one compostable bag. Additionally, we deliver all of our stock for the year in one shipment to keep packaging to a minimum.

Any bags used are home composted, while boxes are reused or recycled.

Our swing tags and thank you cards are made from recycled card. Our thank you cards are designed to be reused as nursery prints, with 5 print designs per collection to display in frames or on your wall.

All orders are packed in a reusable organic drawstring pouch. For a premium gifting experience upon request, recycled tissue paper and compostable stickers are available.

Finally, the delivery is sent to you in 100% compostable and biodegradable envelopes designed to be reused, home composted, or recycled.

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