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Why Bamboo?

If you already own a piece of BLB or just so much as touched our fabric you will already know how soft and amazing it feels, you can probably already tell how kind and gentle it will feel on delicate skin, but there is so much more to know about this amazing fabric!

We believe that our fabric is one of our best features yet it's impossible online to get a feel for just how good it really is. Therefore we have put together this 7 part series outlining the benefits of our Bamboo/Organic Cotton blend and each Monday we will be talking about a new aspect.   

Part 1:

Eczema & Delicate Skin  4. June. 18

The use of bamboo in clothing has been proven to considerably minimise the irritation and allergies in the skin. This is because Bamboo fibres are smooth and round and free from any chemical treatments meaning no sharp spurs to cause further irritation or cracks in the tender skin, but it doesn't stop there....

  • Bamboo’s natural elements help kill and prevent the spread of bacteria in skin affected by eczema.
  • Bamboo is 4 x more absorbent than cotton, it also wicks away and evaporates moisture from the skin, maintaining the body temperature and leaving your mini muse dry and comfortable.
  • Bamboo acts as a natural "air conditioning" which enables the skin to breathe and relieves irritated skin.
  • Bamboo fabric’s temperature regulator and insulating properties prevents eczema and other skin irritations and rashes from flaring up as a result of temperature variations.
  • Bamboo is also mould and mildew resistant and it does not hold onto odours from common irritants such as perfumes and chemicals, minimising irritability from all these potentially irritable factors. 
  • Our unique blend of fabric is naturally dyed using eco friendly ink and free from chemicals and Toxins.

Stay tuned for next weeks benefit: Part 2: Eco-Friendly factors

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