Why Bamboo?

explore the benefits of Bamboo

Our signature Fabrication

All Bam Loves Boo clothing is made from a unique fabrication: a perfect blend of Bamboo and Organic Certified Cotton, resulting in beautifully soft, stretchy and breathable pieces for comfortable wear and play.

Our fabric is knitted and dyed just for us and whilst this alone is a 3 month process, it means we order the exact amount for our range with no wastage.

Bam Loves Boo only uses ethically sourced and certified organic grown bamboo and organic cotton in our fabric blend.
If you already own a piece of Bam Loves Boo or have so much as touched our fabric you will already know how soft and amazing it feels. You can probably already tell how kind and gentle it will feel on delicate skin but there is so much more to know about this amazing fabric!
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Buttery Soft 

The fibers of bamboo are incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch. The fabric continues to soften with each wash, making it even more enjoyable to wear.


Great for those with sensitive skin or eczema sufferers as it is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, helping to reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Breathable and Thermo-Regulating

So much more breathable than cotton. The properties wick moisture away from the body to regulate the skin's temperature, keeping bub cool on hot days & warm on cold days.

Incredible 4-Way Stretch

Allows for maximum comfort and range of movement in children. It also means it retains it's shape when washed and worn.

Eco Friendly

Bamboo requires no chemicals to grow. It require little water - 1/3 compared to cotton to grow. It is biodegradable reducing the impact on landfills and the environment.

Made to order

Our fabric is made just for us. Organic yarns spun into fabric then dyed with eco-dyes to our unique colours. Whilst this adds months to our manufacturing timeline it means zero waste.

Organically Grown

Grown organically in the province of Shandong without chemical fertilers and pestisides and certified by OEKO-TEX

Closed Loop

The raw bamboo is soaked in a solution of Sodium Hydroxide & Carbon Disulphide to soften-the same used to make paper. 50% of all liquid is reused and the 50% that cant be is removed in a safe & responsibly way so to not enter the environment and waterways.


Bamboo regenerates quickly and regrows from its own root system, meaning it doesn’t need to be planted again. It can grow at a rate of 1 ½ Inches per hour.

Better Air Quality

Bamboo plantations absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen - 35% more than most other plants and trees.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton makes up the other 28% of our signature fabric.

Our accessories are also made with organic cotton including hats, backpacks, baby sling and socks.

Organic cotton is free from chemicals, making it gentler on the farmer, environment, manufacturer and ofcourse your mini muse.

Don't just take our word for it

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5 Star average

These shirts are THE. SOFTEST. SHIRTS. IN. EXISTENCE. Literally! Bam Loves Boo really are second to none in quality, style & customer service.

– S Massey

verified customer

The fabric quality is so comfy for our busy toddler. Its durable and washes well, yet has some style too.


verified customer

They are so buttery soft, having the sleep sack as part of our bedtime routine helped comfort our babe. Such amazing quality an absolute must have!


verified customer

Leo absolutely loves this tee! Super comfy and the quality is second to none!


Verified customer