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Our Story

Hi there and welcome! My name is Hannah and I'm the founder and designer behind our Brisbane-based label. Together with my husband Mike, and two daughters Harlow and Winnie, we are Bam Loves Boo.

Our childrenswear is crafted from a unique blend of organic bamboo and organic certified cotton, creating soft, stretchy, and breathable pieces that are both environmentally friendly and comfortable for your mini muse.

"Clean and neutral colour palettes, coordinating prints and unisex pieces are our design mantra.  We are all about making beautiful clothing that you love, for the little people you love, in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way. "

the why

Bam Loves Boo began in 2017 as little more than a creative outlet during maternity leave. The goal was to create high-quality, gender-neutral clothing that was more than just grey stripes and elephants. However, my ambition soon grew to create a brand with a much bigger purpose. Having worked in the fast-paced fashion industry as a children's wear designer for the previous 15 years, I had seen the environmental and ethical impacts of the clothing industry first hand.

This knowledge drove me to create my own brand, one where I was accountable for the footprint we left, the manufacturers we worked with, and the materials we used. Consequently, Bam Loves Boo works against the grain of the industry model at a slower pace, allowing us to be mindful of our impact and ensure our clothing is made in a safe and sustainable way.

the journey

While our core values and signature fabric have stayed the same, we have seen growth and progression from where we began. We have expanded our product range to include organic accessories and have incorporated other brands into our curated store that complement our aesthetics and values.

We have also collaborated with a number of Australian female-led brands, such as Chekoh Baby, The Young Folk Collective, Sunday Minx and Twin Collective to combine our prints with their eco-friendly products.

The designs

The designs

Our styles are designed and made together as one large annual range and gradually released throughout the year for a cohesive timeless collection.

the process

Our business model differs from the industry's standard of seasonal collections, mass sales, and trend-based pieces. We provide SLOW, timeless designs that don't require sales and discounts to introduce new pieces.

Instead, we release our annual collection gradually, in contrast to fast fashion or seasonal cycles. This ensures our styles have a LONG lifespan with the intent to be passed on regardless of gender, trends, or seasons, which ultimately benefits our planet.

the goal

At Bam Loves Boo, our mission is to reduce our environmental impact while providing our customers with high quality, long-lasting products. We strive to make conscious decisions that will benefit the planet and be transparent about our efforts.

the dream team